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A Guide To Renting a Motorcycle in Sydney

A Guide To Renting a Motorcycle in Sydney - Syd Car King

Sydney is an exciting city that blends the best of world-class nightlife with downtime. Driving a few miles will provide you with one of Australia’s many fantastic beaches, like Bondi Beach, that many tourists visit during their time in Sydney.

If you want to maximize your time in Sydney on vacation, rent a motorcycle and enjoy the city at your leisure. Everything you need to know about hiring a motorcycle in Sydney is right here.

Do You Need an International Driving Permit to Rent a Motorcycle in Australia?

If you have a valid driver’s license from your home country written in English, you do not need an international driving permit for up to three months. If you want to use your license for over three months or if it isn’t written in English, you must get an international driver's license.

The Price of Motorbike Rental in Sydney

Hiring a motorcycle in Sydney is pretty expensive, but it is hard to put a price on the experience of driving around. In Sydney, the cost starts at about $180 per day on the low end and increases as you upgrade power capabilities. If you want to drive a motorcycle, make sure that the costs of renting a helmet and buying insurance are stated upfront in the price before you take the bike.

Where to Hire a Motorbike in Sydney?

There are plenty of rental bike services around Sydney. If you plan on flying into the Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport, there is a motorcycle rental service outside the terminals. If you prefer to have a motorcycle rental, head downtown. There are plenty of rental shops in the Stanmore area and around Bondi Beach. You will also pass by many rental shops if you take a taxi down Parramatta Road.

Is it Safe to Ride a Motorcycle in Sydney?

In Australia, drivers drive on the left-hand side of the road, so if you come from a country with right-hand driving, it may be challenging to adjust at first. The car has to change lanes more often when turning than in other parts of the world. Sydney's traffic can be difficult for a novice driver.

Speed limits are strictly enforced in Australia, and speeding fines can be expensive. Always wear a seatbelt and never use your cell phone while driving. The road conditions in Sydney are typically perfect, except for suburban roads with potholes, which you must pay attention to while driving at night.

Best Routes to Drive by Motorcycle from Sydney

It is trendy for tourists to travel on motorcycles across Australia. The Australian countryside is diverse and captivating, and there are plenty of opportunities to make a motorcycle journey from Sydney. Here are some of the best motorcycle routes from Sydney.

1. Sydney to Melbourne

Highway A1 from Sydney to Melbourne is an astonishing sight. It offers an opportunity to take in the living beauty of Australia's coast down south, including some of the coast's most stunning beaches.

There are tons of national parks along the route from Sydney to Melbourne, with Wadbilliga National Park, Snowy River National Park, Namadgi National Park, and Yarra Ranges National Park, to name a few. The drive from Sydney to Melbourne takes about 10 hours, but it is best to stop and see some incredible sights along the way.

2. Sydney to Brisbane

Traveling north along the coast from Melbourne will take you to Brisbane, another famous Australian city, in eleven hours. It is an incredible drive, and if you spend two weeks detouring to all of the great stops along the way, the drive could take up to 11 days.

Driving along the coast should be your transportation choice, as you can visit many beautiful landmarks. You will also want to spend two nights in one of the cities along the way, such as Newcastle or Gold Coast. This route has national parks and gorgeous beaches on it.

3. Sydney to Adelaide

Adelaide has a unique culture and plenty to offer in terms of an authentic Australian experience. And not far from Adelaide is Kangaroo Island, one of Australia's most remarkable natural areas. The route from Sydney to Adelaide is mostly inland and takes about 15 hours.

You should stop at the Big Desert Wilderness Area along this route and see the local desert biome. There are also many opportunities to explore Wagga Wagga, with its incredible sporting history and wealth of native plants.

Traveling by motorcycle is an adventure. Spend as much time in Australia’s great cities as possible, but devote some time to the open road.