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Scooter Rental User Guide

  1. Rent a bike: Required documents (soft copy)
  2. Passport
  3. Driver’s License(International license acceptable and LAMS approved)
  4. Rent Procedure

(CallHotline: 02 4086 5888 to book

:Website: book

–Come to shop directly

@Sign contract (copy passport and driver license)

FInspect the bike and get it!

  1. Return back a bike
  2. Two weeks’ notice is a mustwhen you return the scooter

The way you can give us 2 weeks’notice:

Call hotline: 02 40865888

Send message to 0455307888

E mail:

  1. Return the bike to shop
  2. Extra charges will be applied if we towit back
  3. Uber documents $100 will be charged if you rent less than 1 month,delivery cost $50-$100(depends on distance)will be charged if you rent less than 3 months.
  4. Scooter Service and Service booking

Honda dio needs service every 3000KMto keep in good conditions,fail to do service on time you will face $200 penalty,you have three ways to book the service for scooter:

  1. Come to the store for service directly,don’t need to book

b.Book from website

c.Call hotline 02 4086 5888 to make appointment

  1. How to use the key?
  2. Turn the first stage to the right and press “SEAT” to open the trunk.
  3. Rotate the second stage to the right to power on.
  4. Place the front of the scooter to the far left, push the key in, and turn left to lock the front of the scooter.

Q& A:

  1. Which type of petrol do I need for scooter?

Premium Unleaded 98is theONLY fuel you can use,if scooter engine is broken because of wrong petrol you need to pay $800 to change the engine.

  1. If I lost the key,what should I do?

Call road assistant on 02 4086 5888,mechanic will deliver backup key for you(cost $100)

  1. If my scooter has problem when Im ridingwhat should I do?

Call road assistant on 02 4086 5888,please tell us your Plate Number(Rego number),name and address,our mechanic will assist you.

  1. If I cant start the scooter, what should I do?

Turn on the powerRemove standHold the brakesPress the start button

Start the motor running for more than 10 seconds, please stop for 3 seconds and try again.

Repeat the above steps, can not start, please wait 10 minutes and try again.

  1. In case of an accident what should I do ?

Driver need to go to our basement to finish insurance claim form to claim an insurance,the following information is insurance company required:Third party driver license;Third party plate number;Third party phone number and E-mail address;Incident happen time and location;Both sides damaged parts;If report to police – police reference number

Please keep the scooter in safety all the time,losing scooter need to claim insurance and the rider need to pay access fee to insurance company.

Whose fault who need to payinsurance excess fee according to Australia law

Insurance Access fee:$ 700(aged over 25 year),$1300(aged under 25 year)

Essential points

  1. You and any authorized rider mustpay all tolls, speeding and traffic fines and infringements as well as any fines or charges imposed for parking or using the Scooter/e-bike or release of the Scooter/e- bike if it has been seized by a regulatory authority.
  2. In case if you disobey contract terms and return the bike before agreed date will be deducting from the bond amount as fine payment.
  3. Please make sure that you go through all the terms and conditions before you sign the agreement
  4. Office open7 days a week:Monday to Sunday 9:30am to 5:30pm
Other FAQ,
1. What’s the minimum rental period?
ans: 2 weeks prior notice should be received
2. can you deliver scooter?
and: Yes we can deliver scooter to those customer who prefer to rent over 3 or 6 month
3. who will bear all maintainance expenses?
and: sydneycarking will offer free servising
4. what happen if i had and accident?
and: we already brought your thirdparty insurance, while involve in accident you have to pay excess payment
5. what happen if my bike is stolen?
ans: we already have insurance protection but, you have to pay $1000 protection fee.
6. what is roadside assistance ?
and: we provide service24/7 roadside service which involve mechanical issue, battery dead and accidental case our driver will arrive as soon as possible

7. what are the included in weekly rent ?
and: it comes with scooter, helmate,phone holder and bag. ( for longterm customer we can add on free rain coat, gloves, high vissible jacket)
8. do you have any christmas offer ?

and: yes we do have, we can provide free 48 hours of rental free period for those who can pickup from store.

Instructionto keep scooter in good condition
Always park safely; a stolen motorcycle will cost you more than $2000.

Never leave the scooter’s key in the ignition because doing so will ruin the battery and cost you over $200.

Check the pressure in your tyres, mirrors, brakes, and lights every day.

timelyrequest service (check your odometer and the sticker under the seat).

Take pictures of the damage and the other party’s information if you are involved in an accident.

Use an Australian standard helmet at all times (AS/NZS 1698, SMK 02242, SAI Global).

Failure to pay rent on time might negatively impact your rental history. If you don’t pay within 7 days, we’ll tow your scooter away, and there may be a towing cost.

Stop riding until the issue is fixed if the engine starts too noisily or makes a different sound from how it did initially.

If the gas meter shows less than two levels, the driver must refuel with premium 98 petrol

Call the hotline at 0240865888 or +61 455 307 888 if you are experiencing mechanical problems.

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